President View

First Cast – June 2018

May has seen our club’s second saltwater fly-fishing expedition. Although the day was not kind to us and at one stage, it poured down with rain, a good time was had by all. We need to remember that we are all on a massive learning curve as far as the saltwater is concerned. Doug hooked a small Kahawai and I had a touch stripping a worm fly fast which I think was the same. It was a day designed to broaden our experience of fly-fishing that is available close to Auckland and the day in my mind was a great success even if no fish were landed. The attendance of so many members was gratifying and ensures there will be many more salt water, close to Auckland trips in the future.

June brings us our Rotorua trip and John Stevenson has done a great job in organizing Harvey Clark to take us around the district to explain the many changes that happen to its fishery during various times of the season. Michael Fann and I experienced Harvey’s intimate knowledge of the Rotorua Lakes and streams a few months ago and we both recommend this fact-finding mission as the best experience we could ever have regarding how, when and where to gain the most from this world class fishery.

July’s trip is to the TT. This trip has a limited number of people who can attend due to available accommodation. According to an email last week several people who have registered for this trip already so if you are considering attending, you need to register.

On the 9th of June as mentioned in the last Riffles, Peter Chan will be introducing us to Spey casting. I first met Peter at Lake Pupuke when he was practicing with his double handed fly rod and I can say I am really looking forward to trying this method of fishing. This is something I have never experienced before, and the method has become a very successful method of fishing, particularly rivers like the Tongariro. Later in July a weekend trip will be organized to put our casting lessons into practice at Turangi.

While on the subject of double handed fly fishing, there will be an Outdoor World organized day at Turangi on the 22nd of June. This unfortunately coincides with our Rotorua trip but for any members able to attend, it should be a great day.

On a more serious note we are approaching our Annual General Meeting again and we are without a secretary. It is so important as we, as a club, cannot function if this position is not filled. By NZ law, the club must have the three executive positions filled.

Our guest speaker for June is a man that we all know affectionately as Yoshi. Kiyoshi Nakagawa is a legend in New Zealand fly-fishing and has competed in World Fly Fishing Championships for Japan and Oceania championships for New Zealand and being Oceania individual champion in 2009.

When I first arrived in New Zealand I bought the book New Zealand’s Best Trout Flies. I was very interested in Yoshi’s flies from this book. As I was on a massive learning curve about New Zealand flies and fishing, I copied a number of Yoshi’s flies and have fished these flies with great success. I have asked Yoshi to explain his flies and the techniques to fish them so we can all learn so much.

See you all on Monday night.

John Rumpf